The Anthology

The Canine Rehabilitation Library

The Canine Rehab Library is the anthology of all Canine Rehab Shop clinical manuals and books as well as clinical and business content not available through any other resource. Additionally, few times a year new content is automatically added to the library at no additional cost to library members. For example, in 2018 library additions included five new Treatment Protocols, five new mini e-books for fitness, and the marketing power point “This Old Dog Feels Good.” The goal of the Canine Rehab Library is to help new or growing rehab businesses thrive by supporting you with clinical content for rehabilitation and fitness, helping your client-focused marketing and public relations efforts and supporting your business development and growth by providing you with an automated pricing worksheet, documentation templates and evidence to share with referring DVMs. Simply scroll through this page to view all of the content in the Canine Rehab Library and look for DOWNLOAD SAMPLE to preview samples of what you will find in the Canine Rehab Shop Library.

Download Complimentary Rehabilitation Evaluation Algorithm


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Clinical Manuals

Treatment Protocols v. 2017


Orthopedic  Precautions   

DOWNLOAD SAMPLE: Carpal Arthrodesis    

Carpal Hyperextension  

Caudal Cruciate

Cranial Cruciate    

Elbow Joint Post Op  

Graded Return to Activity Schedule    

Iliopsoas Strain   

Medial Shoulder Instability  

Osteoarthritis Management   

Pain Management  

Peripheral Joint Post Op  

Underwater Treadmill Protocol

TENs Instruction Back                                 


Neurologic Precautions

Brachial plexus Injury 

Degenerative Neuropathy 

Degenerative Myelopathy

Fibrocartilaginous Embolism

Lumbosacral Disease

Neurodevelopmental Sequence

Pain Management

Type I Disc Herniation 

Type II Disc Herniation

Type III Disc Herniation




Front Limb Amputation   

Hind Limb Amputation 



Laser Dosing Chart

TENs Instructions Back

TENs Instructions Neck


Inpatient Treatment Template 



Orthotics & Prosthetics Rehabilitation

 Orthotics & Prosthetics Rehabilitation Manual

  • Orthotics Treatment Protocol

  • Prosthetics Treatment Protocol




Home Exercise Programs


Post-op Back

Post-op Elbow

Post-op FHO

Post-op Front Limb Amputation

Post-op Hind Limb Amputation

Post-op Patella

Post-op Shoulder

Post-op Stifle

Post-op Total Hip Replacement






Home Exercises

PROM Peripheral Limbs

DOWNLOAD SAMPLE: Elbow Extension

Elbow Flexion

Hip Abduction

Hip Adduction

Hip Extension

Hip Flexion

Shoulder Abduction

Shoulder Adduction

Shoulder Flexion

Shoulder Extension

Stifle Flexion

Stifle Extension

Tarsal Flexion

Tarsal Extension


Core Stabilization Exercises

Back Paws on Box

Back Paws on Disc

Back Paws on Peanut

Front Paws on Box

Front Paws on Disc

Front Paws on Peanut

Static Stand



Stretches (A-I)

Abdominal Obliques

Biceps Brachii

Biceps Femoris



Carpal Digital Extensors

Carpal Extensors

Carpal Flexors

Cranial Tibialis

Deep Pectoralis


Digital Flexors Front Limb

Digital Flexors Hind Limb




Hip Abductors

Hip External Rotators





PROM Axial Skeleton

Upper Cervical Spine Extension

Upper Cervical Spine Flexion

Upper Cervical Spine Side Bending

Upper Cervical Spine Rotation

Lower Cervical Spine Extension

Lower Cervical Spine Flexion

Lower Cervical Spine Side Bending

Lower Cervical Spine Rotation

Thoracic Spine Extension

Thoracic Spine Flexion

Lumbar Spine Extension

Lumbar Spine Flexion

Lumbar Spine Side Bending

Lumbar Spine Rotation


Front Limb Strengthening


Hind Paws on Box

Hind Paws on Box + Push up

Hind Paws on Box + Front Paws on Stones + Push up

Medial Shoulder Isometric Pulls

Push up on Floor

Push up on Stones

Side Step on Stones


Stretches (L-Z)

Latissimus Dorsi

Long Digital Extensor


Neck Extensors

Neck Flexors



Quadratus Lumborum

Rectus Abdominis





Serratus Ventralis


Superficial Pectoralis


Teres Major and Minor


Trapezius Cranial Fibers

Trapezius Caudal Fibers



Carpal Extension

Elbow Extension

Elbow Flexion

Hind Limb Flexion 1

Hind Limb Flexion 2

Hind Limb Extension

Shoulder Extension

Shoulder Flexion

Spine Flexion 1

Spine Flexion 2

Spine Flexion 3

Spine Extension 1




Hind Limb Strengthening

Front Paws on Low Box + Side Stepping

Front Paws on Disc + Side Stepping

Front Paws on High Box + Side Stepping

Hind Limb Single Leg Stance

Sit to Stand on Low Box

Sit to Stand on Disc

Sit to Stand on Peanut



Weight Bearing

Backwards Walking

Front Limb - Hind Paws on Box

Front Limb - Hind Paws on Disc

Front Limb - Hind Paws on Tilt

Front Limb - Hind Paws on Wobble

Front Limb - Single Leg Stance

Hind Limb - Front Paws on Box

Hind Limb - Front Paws on Disc

Hind Limb - Front Paws on Tilt

Hind Limb - Front Paws on Wobble

Stand on Box

Stepping Over

Tight Circle




Mini E-Books


Agility Dog! Warm Up & Cool Down

Baby Dog! Exercises for Little Ones

Hike Dog! Exercises & Stretches to Go Higher

Old Dog! Exercises & Stretches to Feel Good

Show Dog! Improve Top Line, Reach & Drive



The Healthy Way To Stretch Your Dog


The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog pdf Book

  • Download the Complimentary Stretch Screening Form

  • NOW available: video of Agility Stretching Routine





Canine Cross Training


Canine Cross Training pdf Book

  • Download Complimentary Strength Training Calendar

  • Download Complimentary Balance Training Calendar

  • Download Complimentary Sprint Training Calendar

  • Download Complimentary Distance Training Calendar

  • NOW available: video of Agility Stretching Routine




Athletic Conditioning Program For Canine Professionals


Bring performance clients to your clinic by having athletic conditioning seminars. The Complete Athletic Conditioning Program includes five pre-made two-hour seminars - 30 minutes of didactic Power Point presentation, 60 minutes of exercises and 30 minutes of cool down stretches. Based on the books The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog & Canine Cross Training, the program is designed to teach four levels of exercises so novice to advanced students can be in the same class. Increase income by selling books and fitness equipment at the seminar.


  • Movement Modification Intake Form

  • Pre-Seminar Fitness Screen

  • Pre-Seminar Strength Test


  • Building a Conditioning Program PPT

  • Building a Conditioning Program Client Handout


  • Front Limb Strengthening Exercises PPT

  • Front Limb Client Handouts, Level 1-4


  • Rear Limb Strengthening Exercises PPT

  • Rear Limb Client Handouts, Level 1-4


  • Power Core Stabilization PPT

  • Power Core Stabilization Client Handouts, Level 1-4


  • Improving Top Line, Reach & Drive PPT

  • Improving Top Line, Reach & Drive Client Handout







How to Determine Pricing - Xcel Automated Pricing Worksheet

  • Prepare to be profitable! Add your expenses, time to complete an evaluation and a treatment and the number of hours you can work per week into the worksheet to it automatically determines how much you should charge for an evaluation and a treatment


Used in conjunction with Clinician Treatment Protocols & Home Exercise Programs to build relationships with potential referring veterinarians and surgeons, provide rehabilitation-specific evidence for the following conditions:

  • Pain Management Treatment

  • Conservative CrCL Treatment

  • Core Stabilization Exercises

  • Cryotherapy Treatment

  • Laser Therapy Treatment

  • Muscle Activation During Gait

  • Post Operative Stifle Treatment

  • Shockwave Treatment


Marketing Power Point

  • “This Old Dog Feels Good!” is a 20 slide modifiable Power Point presentation. Function-based, it describes common functional limitations seen in geriatric patients and then shows videos of common rehabilitation treatments for the dysfunctions including modalities, manual therapies and therapeutic exercises. Designed to be used with both client and professional audiences.  Videos in this presentation are from Canine Home Exercises, video-based templates & customized programs. If you subscribe to this service, this presentation introduces your referral base to the quality of your home exercise plans.  

Clinic Documentation

All documentation is provided in word files that can be easily modified and converted into formats that can be uploaded into most clinic software systems.

  • Client Intake and Liability Release Form

  • Evaluation Form

  • Documentation Sheet

  • Lameness Scale

  • Canine Functional Independence Measurement (C-FIM)

  • Canine Acute Pain Scale

  • Home Exercise Program Sheet