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Canine Rehabilitation Library

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Canine Rehabilitation Library


The Canine Rehabilitation Library is the compilation of all Sasha A Foster clinical manuals plus access to the frequently updated on-line Canine Rehabilitation Library:

  • Diagnosis-specific Clinician Treatment Protocols including frequency, intensity and duration of treatment course
  • Client Post-operative Home Exercise Programs for Orthopedics, Neurology and Oncology including Activity Restriction Handouts
  • More than 150 clear and concise client handouts including passive range of motion, active range of motion, stretches and therapeutic exercises
  • Modalities Guidelines including a laser dosing chart and TENS unit instructions
  • Business set-up recommendations including rehabilitation documentation templates and an automated pricing worksheet
  • Evidence per Diagnosis handouts to share with colleagues and referring veterinarians as a component of a thorough general population marketing strategy
  • The Complete Athletic Conditioning Program including four downloadable 1 hour PowerPoint seminars and client handouts as a component of a sports medicine marketing strategy

Content is provided in hard copy manual and PDF (U.S. and Canada). All international sales PDF version only. On-line access includes downloadable files including pdf, ppt and word files allowing the professional to arrange the content in electronic devices and software programs for ease of accessibility in the clinic setting. Access to the Treatment Library will be provided in an e-mail. 

Canine Rehabilitation Library Content & Examples

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