Treatment Protocols V-2017

Treatment Protocols V-2017


Rehabbing a patient with a specific diagnosis for the first time can feel overwhelming. Based on current evidence, ten years of canine rehabilitation experience and twenty years of human physical therapy experience, Treatment Protocols provides specific treatment guidelines for twenty common diagnoses. Each diagnosis includes treatment frequency, intensity and duration for the acute, subacute and chronic phases of recovery.  See an example HERE.

Looking for the home exercises to go along with the treatment protocols? Three options are available: 1. The companion book Home Exercises includes printable individual exercises to choose from; 2. Home Exercise Programs includes printable pre-made exercises for each phase of recovery, and; 3. Canine Home Exercises includes video-based exercises (individual and templates) that can be e-mailed to clients. Click HERE for a 14 day free trial of Canine Home Exercises, Video-based Templates & Customized Programs.

Treatment Protocols Content:


o   Carpal Arthrodesis

o   Carpal Hyperextension

o   Caudal Cruciate Conservative

o   Elbow Post-operative

o   Iliopsoas

o   Medial Shoulder Instability

o   Orthopedic Underwater Treadmill Protocol

o   Osteoarthritis Management

o   Pain Management

o   Joint Post-operation


o   Front Limb Amputation

o   Hind Limb Amputation


o   Brachialplexus Injury

o   Degenerative Peripheral Neuropathy

o   Fibrocartilaginous Embolism

o   Lumbosacral Disease

o   Neurodevelopmental Sequencing

o   Type I Intervertebral Disc

o   Type II Intervertebral Disc

o   Type III Intervertebral Disc

Modalities parameters

o   Laser dosing chart

o   TENs instructions

o   Inpatient Treatment Plan Template

Hard copy manual & PDF download (U.S.A. and Canada only). All international sales PDF download only.  

ADDITIONAL TREATMENT PROTOCOLS are developed on a fairly regular basis BUT ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS MANUAL including Cranial Cruciate, Neurodevelopmental Sequencing, Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Graded Return to Activity Schedule. New treatment protocols are automatically included in the on-line version of The Anthology: The Canine Rehab Library or they can be individually purchased for PDF download HERE.

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